Feature: Enclave HD's Producer On Bringing Starbreeze's ARPG To Switch - Frame Rate, Resolution, New Additions

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PJ O'Reilly from Nintendo Life wrote this article/ interview for the upcoming Enclave HD release.

Check out this excerpt:

If you're of a certain vintage you may just about remember being thoroughly impressed with the graphical prowess of Starbreeze Studios' Enclave when it first released on the original Xbox all the way back in 2002.
Starbreeze was about to have a great big Vin Diesel-shaped success in the form of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay — a game we'd love to see on Switch — but, before that, the developer brought us this third-person action RPG that gave players both light and dark paths to walk in two story-based campaigns set in the world of Calenheim.
We played this one back in the day and enjoyed its action-heavy style, even if we did have a little trouble with some dicey checkpointing here and there. It's a game that was fairly well-received all around, and despite a few issues, there's a nice mix of action, puzzling, and storytelling at its core, with plenty of different playable characters and some sweet magical powers and weapons to utilise as you fight the forces of evil in an effort to defeat the demon lord, Vatar.
Enclave has had a rather bumpy history when it comes to Nintendo consoles to this point though, with a Gamecube port cancelled for unknown reasons in 2003 and a lacklustre Wii effort — one that only released in Europe — attempting to successfully incorporate motion controls into the mix.
With Topware Interactive's all-new HD remaster scheduled to hit Switch on the 29th June courtesy of Ziggurat Interactive, could it be a case of 'third time's the charm' for Enclave on a Nintendo console? We had a chat with producer Alex Lotz about what we can expect from this upcoming version of the game.
Nintendo Life: Enclave was first released on the original Xbox console back in 2002. Can you tell us a little bit about the game and why you’ve decided to bring the Kingdom of Celenheim to Switch some 21 years later?

Read the answer and the rest of the interview HERE.

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