About Us

At Ziggurat, we strive to bridge the past and future to transport people into moments of infinite possibility through meaningful play.

We respect our community and are committed to honoring where video games come from as well as partnering with our players to create new, joyful experiences. We deliver this joy by re-releasing and re-imagining gaming experience for contemporary audiences.

To manifest our games, we always

Play by three rules

We celebrate creators.

We cherish invention throughout the history of gaming, whether a pioneering title from decades past, or innovative experience built on emerging technology. Our own work honors that bold spirit and relentless imagination.

We are people powered.

Games are impossible without participants: The real human beings who play them and the ones who make them. Each decision we make as a company prioritizes our people and our players over all else.

We are flow finders.

We are driven to reignite the feeling we all had when we first fell in love with a game – when our world melted away into something extraordinary. By developing intentional gaming experiences, we strive to give players these moments over and over again.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Our team is made up of passionate gamers, first, who have a wide variety of skills that help us create and grow our business. If you share our passion for inclusively creating and sharing gaming experiences for all generations, drop us an email and tell us about yourself and what you’re looking for in a role.

Reach Out
Michael Devine
Team Captain
Emilio Clancy
Mech Pilot
Kate Woods
AI Operations
Nickson Phosy
Visual Alchemist
Alex Lotz
Chief Investigator

Come play big with us as we both celebrate and expand upon the legacy of video games. We promise it’ll be a lot of fun.