Digging into remasters with Enclave HD developers Ziggurat Interactive

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Check out this interview from The Xbox Hub talking about Enclave HD.

Check out this excerpt:

Remasters have become an even hotter topic than usual in 2023, with some of the best and most significant releases being reworks of older games. But what constitutes a good remaster? How much should they keep or change? And have we all gone a little too remake-loopy?
Into this discussion wades Alex Lotz of Ziggurat Interactive, who has taken on the task of updating 2002’s Enclave, in the form of Enclave HD. We pinned them down to discuss all things remake, following the game’s launch on Xbox.
Hi, could you please introduce yourself and your role on Enclave HD?
Hello, I’m Alex Lotz, the producer at Ziggurat Interactive for Enclave HD.
Could you give us a quick overview of the game?
Enclave is a 3D third- and first-person hack-and-slash action RPG originally developed by Starbreeze Studios that released on the original Xbox in 2002. The game features a Light Campaign and a Dark Campaign which approach its story from two perspectives, overlapping in ways that are fun for players to discover. Each campaign is divided into missions, considered an unusual structure for games in this genre. The game features many playable characters with custom equipment loadouts unlockable over the course of the campaigns, not only allowing for multiple playstyles but also encouraging the replay of missions utilizing a different set of abilities.
There is a wide variety of challenges present in the game’s enemies and environments, as well as bonus missions with unique set pieces that recall sieges on castles like you’d see in Lord of the Rings. There are easter eggs throughout the game to discover, plus overpowered unlockable characters to earn when you beat the game that let you bulldoze your way through the game’s missions when you replay them. Enclave HD seeks to maintain and expand upon everything well remembered about the gameplay and presentation of the original, adding visual enhancements to suit modern display resolutions (up to 4K on supporting Xbox consoles), plus an expanded soundtrack.

Read the whole interview on The Xbox Hub HERE.

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