American Hero, the Restored 90s FMV Choose-Your-Own Adventure Game, Is Now on IGN Plus

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American Hero was originally being developed in the 90s, commenting on the ridiculousness of 80s action tropes. The protagonist, Jack Devon, is tipped off that a chemical attack is being planned by Kruger, an old nemesis. Furthermore, Jack's former flame is missing and presumed to be involved in Kruger's plan. Inter-Active and Atari were going to put the game out on Atari Jaguar CD, but the project was ultimately canceled. Ziggurat and Empty Clip have teamed up, restored and remastered the game, meaning people can finally experience it (in both censored and original unrated formats).
Completely over-the-top, American Hero plays out as a sequence of full-motion video (FMV) clips. Every few minutes, Jack will be faced with a choice, which you'll have to make quickly, prompting the next video clip. Your choices will have consequences, both in the immediate term (did you dodge the car trying to run you over?) and in the longer term (does picking up a weapon in an early scene let you get free from a deadly trap later?). Choosing not to pick an option is also a choice, and there are tons of different ways the story can go.
I had a blast playing it, so check it out and read on to learn more about the production and work that went into restoring this lost title.

Read the whole article and interview with the Lead Producer of American Hero: Unrated, Alex Lotz on IGN.

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