Squad up For Tactical Action - June RFF

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Get ready to squad up and once more dive headlong into the breach,  today we are releasing two classic squad-based tactics games as part of our Retro First Friday program. These two games, Shadoworlds and Sabre Team, were benchmark titles of their time, and we're pleased to bring them back on modern PCs via Steam and GOG. Whether it’s the dark and dangerous isometric corridor crawling of Shadoworlds, or the in-your-face breach ‘n clear infiltration action of Sabre Team, these Retro First Friday’s releases are sure to challenge any aspiring commander! 

Sabre Team

Command four of the most skilled strategic operators in the world in 1992’s Sabre Team, a modern-era isometric squad tactics game that set the bar for strategy. Infiltrate terrorist-ridden compounds, eliminate hostiles, rescue hostages, and command your squad of the world’s best SAS soldiers! Pick your team, customize your loadouts, and head into battle for the ultimate special ops.


In this sci-fi horror tactics title, four explorers must make their way through a far-flung weapons facility and uncover what’s caused it to suddenly go silent. Pick your infiltration team from hardened, but expendable, crew, then gear up and start picking your way through the dark and deadly corridors. Use the darkness to your advantage, but beware of what hides in the shadows.

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