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Welcome to Megacity S1-9!

Today, February 21, 2024, marks the launch of Slave Zero X for Steam, GOG, PlayStation (PS4 & PS5 Americas, Europe) and Xbox (Americas, Europe).

Looking for up to date patch information? Check out the Slave Zero X Dev Tracker for more information.


PlayStation & Xbox Digital DLC - Launch Delays

Due to production delays, some or all Digital Deluxe add-on content may not be available upon early access and launch. The good news is Digital Deluxe content (Soundtrack, Art Gallery, Exclusive Skin) is in review, and we hope for certification soon.

Switch Release - Spring 2024

After extensive testing & review, the team at Ziggurat and developer Poppy Works decided to continue to refine and optimize the Switch build. As such, the Switch release is now slated for Spring 2024. While it is never fun to wait, we want to give Switch players the best possible experience and need more time to deliver. Be sure to follow the social links at the bottom of this blog for the latest information on updates and release timing. 

Asia & Japan Digital Release - Spring 2024

Slave Zero X will be coming to Asia and Japan on April 11,2024 on Steam, GOG, PlayStation (PS4 & PS5) and Xbox with expanded text localizations:

  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Korean
  • Thai

Physical Releases - Spring 2024

Slave Zero X physical editions - both Standard and Deluxe versions - are designed and in production for worldwide distribution with an estimated release window of Spring 2024. Click here to view retailers and pre-order your copy today.

Improving Player Experiences - Player Survey

At Ziggurat, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our players. If you encounter any bugs or issues beyond the known issues (see post Slave Zero X Dev Tracker), please submit your feedback to our Slave Zero X Bug Tracking Survey, and we'll ensure it is reviewed and examined by our team. 

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