Slave Zero X Physical Editions Now Available

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Get your hands on a Slave Zero X physical edition today! You can find it from your preferred storefront via our Linktree or see it live at select GameStop stores as part of their Hidden Gems program. 

There are two editions for every collector, big and small — a Standard Edition and a Calamity Edition — ready to add to your inventory.

Standard Edition - Available for PS5 and Switch

  • Slave Zero X cartridge or disc
  • Guidebook (manual with art)
  • Controls reference card (key art on back)
  • Console-themed costume palette for Shou

The Calamity Edition - Available for PS5 and Switch

  • All elements of the Standard Edition
  • Exclusive outer box
  • Slave Zero X Comic by Andy Lanning and Ant Williams of Ideas & Inks
  • Art Book (“Visuals of Megacity S1-9”)
  • Dual Soundtrack - OST of Slave Zero & Slave Zero X (Physical CD in Europe only)
  • Voucher for Dual Digital OST download - Slave Zero & Slave Zero X
  • 3 Art Postcards

Some of our favorite parts about The Calamity Edition? 

The art. Its wonderfully grotesque and imaginatively bizarre art direction led by Francine Bridge and the Slave Zero X art team, heavily Inspired by H.R. Giger & Anno's Evangelion, created a new take on a dystopian savage future, biomecha artforms, and nubile - yet powerful - characters from all levels of society. The art book is a 150 page love story that visually builds the world sketch by sketch, setting the foundation for the game design - and imaginations beyond.


  • History
  • Story (Spoilers!)
  • Characters
  • Pre-Visualization / Concept Art
  • Megacity Environment Art 
  • City Zones
  • Promotional Art

The comics. We partnered with Andy Lanning and Ant Williams, two Marvel and DC Comics legends who’ve worked on properties such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman, for an official comic miniseries for Slave Zero X. The miniseries dives into three distinct vignettes (that are not in sequence) of the game’s background lore, all set in a dystopian biopunk setting. These comics are available in the digital and physical deluxe options for Slave Zero X. Learn more in an interview with Comic Book Live, where the duo discusses their involvement in the video game project, their careers in the comic industry, and more.

The sounds. Featuring both the original 1999 Dreamcast’s soundtrack from Slave Zero and a new Slave Zero X track list, drop into flow-state with a hybrid of synth rock and bass music, with a sprinkling of metal, noise music, and minimalism. As a callback to the original OST, the core sound is rooted in drum 'n' bass and aims to have a Dreamcast-era 'SEGA rock' vibe, complimenting the late 90s aesthetic of the visuals.

Don’t wait until they’re gone - get your hands on Shou and take to the Megacity today!

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