Slave Zero X Interview with Artist Francine Bridge and Writer Miles Luna

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The future of the planet may lie with a fusion of technology and biology, and mechs may one day roam our mega-cities. If you want to explore themes like this and explore a third-person shooter from the late 90's, you are in luck! You can embrace the past by grabbing a key for Slave Zero, which we are giving out as part of the IGN Plus promotion for the prequel; Slave Zero X.

The upcoming Slave Zero X is a prequel to the Sega Dreamcast and PC game, Slave Zero, which originally came out in 1999. While the original had the player flying through cities in full 3D, third-person action, the prequel occupies a 2D left-to-right plane with 3D backgrounds bending left and right. The original Slave Zero had the player occupying a massive mech roughly 10 stories tall.

Slave Zero X takes place decades before the events of the original, but developer Poppy Works opted to go for a completely different genre. Slave Zero X is a sidescrolling beat 'em up focused on combos that juggle enemies until they are just chunks. The brutal futuristic, trans-humanist biopunk game draws inspiration from Guilty Gear (Justice much?), Strider, and Devil May Cry, and if that doesn't get you excited, perhaps my recommendation will. There is a free demo available now on Steam, and I had a blast playing through it, all the way up to S-ranking the boss fight that caps it off.


Read the full interview with Francine Bridge and Miles Luna HERE.

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