Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo - Quake Mod

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Poppy Works and Ironwood Software present Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo. Set in the world of Slave Zero X — a prequel to the 1999 Dreamcast and PC cult classic Slave Zero — we are happy to present this all-new, free Quake campaign!

Episode Enyo is a six-level campaign that takes place before the events of Slave Zero X, played from the perspective of one of the game’s main antagonists. The elite assassin Enyo is armed to the teeth and on a warpath to take down her most formidable target yet: the Sovereign Khan.

Developer interview and diary can be found HERE.

Check out the full trailer HERE.


Play for Free!

Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo can be enjoyed for free directly inside of Quake on PC and console platforms ~!

You can also download a special stand alone package for use with any of the following open source versions of Quake -- Ironwail, Quakespasm, vkQuake, and more!

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