Slave Zero X Comic Interview with Comic Book Club

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Way back in 1999, a game came out called Slave Zero. Set 500 years in the future, it was a mix of cyberpunk tropes and 2D shooting mechanics that didn’t quite connect with reviewers or fans. But over time, it’s gained a cult following — so enter a prequel game hitting platforms this week titled Slave Zero X. And not only is the world of Slave Zero expanding with the new game, it’s getting a comic book tie-in series released with the deluxe edition, written by Andy Lanning and Anthony Williams.

Both co-founders of Ideas&Inks, a creative collective that has tackled everything from mainstream comic books like Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy, to McDonald’s commercials and more, Lanning and Williams are old hands at creating worlds based on previously existing story beats. And as they told Comic Book Club over email, this made their jobs pretty easy.


Click the image below to read the whole interview.

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