Retro First Friday - Land & Sea Adventures

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It’s time for another fantastic batch of game releases from Ziggurat Interactive on Steam and GOG for Windows PC! Following up on last month’s exciting Retro First Friday launch focusing on sports titles (MicroProse™ Soccer, anyone?), this month’s selection focuses on the themes of land and sea adventures. For those looking to set out on a seafaring adventure, Search for the Titanic and Discoveries of the Deep will certainly bring out your inner Cousteau. Bringing things back down to earth is Sands of Fire, a WWII tank-combat simulator set in the scorching sands of North Africa.

Sands of Fire: Prepare for battle across the hot deserts of Northern Africa in this WWII tank-combat simulation game. Take control of Allied tanks as they battle Rommel’s forces: choose your mission, select specific tanks for the job, set your formation, and then jump behind the controls of your command tank as you head into battle!

Search for the Titanic: Scour the Northern Atlantic in search of the legendary wreckage of the one and only Titanic. Navigate to over 75 underwater wrecks and fight the crushing pressure to find the remains of the greatest shipwreck of the century.

Discoveries of the Deep: Take the helm of exploratory vessels and submarines as you search the seas for sunken treasure! Keep a close eye on the sonar as it sweeps the sea bottom searching for downed planes, wrecked ships, and exotic sea creatures

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