Sands of Fire

Bring a cannon to a gunfight.

You hear the rumbling drone of approaching enemy tanks returning from a dawn patrol. The hapless armored vehicles have wandered directly into your trap. You wait until they’re in your line of sight and yell “FIRE!”, shattering the stillness of the quiet morning. After the ensuing engagement, you survey the burning wreckage. Another battle has been won, but the war is far from over.

Take control of forty tons of pure armored destruction! World War II is raging, and the enemy is fighting hard for every inch of territory in North Africa. Devastate the opposing forces with superior tactics, cunning strategy, and tremendous might. Leave the enemy forces smoldering in your tracks, and bring your fellow countrymen home safely!

Sands of Fire

This game has not recieved a rating from the ESRB

Original platforms
Initial release date
Jan 1, 1990
Original Developer
Three-Sixty Pacific


  • Engage in up to 48 realistically recreated tank battles from World War II from Tobruk and El Alamein to the Kasserine pass, Tunis and Bizerte.
  • Carefully customize your loadout for each mission.
  • Direct allies in battle and choose tank formations to give you an advantage.


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