Retro First Friday Debuts 3 New World Computing Games on Steam

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Ziggurat is proud to bring three classics from legendary studio New World Computing to Steam for the first time. These games from the mid-90s pushed the bounds of what video games could be and showed what a small, innovative studio could accomplish.

Planet’s Edge

Aliens have teleported Earth to another dimension. You and your team of scientists must travel the galaxy searching for a way to bring Earth home. Muster your crew, build your ship and cross your fingers.


The year is 2495, you are mercenary John Cole, on a mission to stop a galactic terrorist plot. Search the underwater cities of the flooded Earth for answers and justice.


You’re a top competitor in the fast-paced, death-defying battle race of the future. As a Zephyr pilot, you must blast your opponents to win the race for the glory of your corporate sponsors and save your own skin!

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