Retro First Friday Brings Forgotten Softdisk Classics to PC!

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From well-known publisher Softdisk comes four classic 90’s DOS games that will push our EGA card to the limit. Known for publishing ‘diskmags’ before the Internet made them obsolete, Softdisk’s floppy disks made their way into home PCs everywhere.

Three of these games, Rescue Rover, Rescue Rover 2 and Slordax: The Unknown Enemy were created by famed developers John Carmack and John Romero before their move to id Software in the early 90’s. ScubaVenture: The Search for Pirate’s Treasure, developed by Apogee Software, joins the party as one of the last DOS games from Softdisk.

Now, after years stuck on floppy disks on the back shelf, these classics return to Steam and GOG today with an impressive 33% off launch week discount!

Rescue Rover Collection

It’s twice the Rover for one price in this collection of puzzle games! In Rescue Rover, you’ll solve puzzles in your quest to rescue your beloved dog Rover from evil robots, while in Rescue Rover 2, you’ll rescue canine companion Rusty from aliens who've mistaken him for Earth's leader! In both games, you’ll be making your way through multiple puzzles to bring your faithful friend home safe and sound. But watch out for those robots, forcefields, and terrifying traps — this rescue mission isn’t going to be easy!

Slordax: The Unknown Enemy

The evil Slordax empire, long thought dead, have returned and plan to wage war on the universe! It’s up to you, in your high-tech spacecraft, to launch a preemptive strike and take out the Slordax in this classic top-down shooter!

ScubaVenture: The Search for Pirate's Treasure

The lost treasure of Barbarosa has been discovered, so grab your SCUBA gear and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in this 2D action title. Explore the sunken ship, avoid sharks and ghostly pirates, and bring back all the doubloons you can carry!

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