Bring Balance Into Your Life with Ballance

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One of PC gaming’s earliest 3D puzzle platforming classics is back! Ballance is now available on Windows PC via Steam and GOG. Originally developed by Cyparade and published by Atari® so long ago that it was sold exclusively on CDs, Ballance is a 3D momentum-based puzzle-platformer that’s easy to pick up and nearly impossible to put down.

Ballance tasks players with guiding a marble through 12 courses high in the air. While simple in concept, the execution of Ballance’s controls and mechanics make it an experience where the “next level” button seems almost to click itself. Each level has a unique set of obstacles to overcome. Objects that block your path, tight passageways that require precise inputs, and air currents that propel your marble even further into the sky are just some of what’s standing in your way.

Getting the hang of steadily controlling Ballance’s ball is the key to success. Should that control not be up to snuff, the ball’s material can be customized to suit the player’s liking. If a heavier ball for clearing a path or a lighter ball for speed and traversal is needed, stone and paper materials can fit those respective bills.

Ballance is available now on PC via Steam and GOG for $5.99. A 40% launch week discount is available on both platforms.

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