Boiling Point: Road to Hell Returns to PC

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A beloved classic and early pioneer into the first-person open-world exploration genre, Boiling Point: Road to Hell, from publishers Ziggurat Interactive, will return on November 14, 2023, for PC via GOG and Steam.

Venture into the living world of Realia, where the weight of your decisions could put you at the wrong end of a barrel or gain the allies you need to succeed. Gritty and immersive, this action-packed adventure allows you to witness how far some will go for the people they love.

The road to hell, in this case, is walked by Saul Myers, a member of the French Foreign Legion whose daughter, Lisa, has gone missing while working as a journalist in the fictional South American country of Realia. Without hesitation, Saul books a flight to Realia and embarks on a daring and incredibly dangerous mission to find his daughter. The tangled web of political corruption and a building civil war threatens to plunge Saul deeper than he can handle, yet only one thing matters: finding Lisa.   

Boiling Point: Road to Hell was initially published by Atari and released in 2005 and was part of a wave of role-playing shooter titles that included Far Cry, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and Saints Row. In this PC re-release, you can enjoy an unfiltered narrative experience, more gunfire and explosions than you can shake a glowing red barrel at, and major improvements to the game’s stability from current developer Big Boat to make this the definitive Boiling Point experience. Further, the game features EFIGS language support, with English voice acting and French, German, Italian, and Spanish (ES) subtitles.

Key Features of Boiling Point: Road to Hell:

  • Welcome to the Jungle: The Realian Valley is a 25 km by 25 km area of jungles, outposts, estates, and cities that comprises the playing area, with no loading screen or level transitions to interrupt the experience
  • Your Reputation Precedes You: Begin the adventure with no immediate enemies and manage your relationships with factions, including the police, guerrillas, the mafia, indigenous tribes, bandit groups, and more, to create friends and foes
  • Guns, Bombs, and Automobiles: Take up an arsenal of weapons and a variety of transport options, including trucks, tanks, helicopters, planes, and boats, to explore the jungles and rivers of Realia and cut down anyone who stands in your way

Boiling Point: Road to Hell will be available on Windows PC via GOG and Steam on November 14, 2023. A 10% off exclusive launch week discount will also be available for both GOG and Steam, with GOG extending their discount through November 20th as part of a weeklong Ziggurat Publisher Sale.

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