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When Terminal Velocity first released back in 1995, the original developers, Terminal Reality, sought to create a fast and frenetic experience that injected a jolt of energy into the player every time they took the pilot seat. Given that Terminal Velocity debuted to positive reception across the board, it’s safe to say they succeeded. Another fun fact is that the game was originally released on a floppy disk. (Just in case those of you that grew up with the original needed to feel old today.) 

Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition seeks to take the highly touted original and bring it into the modern day while maintaining its light-speed gameplay. This mission is being taken on by the original developers at Terminal Reality and their interest in doing so is the main reason why Ziggurat Interactive decided to move forward with the project.  Check out this neat look at Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition with two of Ziggurat Interactive's own.

Features of Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition include:

  • No, No. We Don’t Do Barrel Rolls Here: Blast through enemies at breakneck speed in a spacecraft so fast and dangerous no one else is brave (or foolish) enough to pilot it.
  • Wondrous Alien Planets That Really Want To Kill You: Experience battles across nine different planets, with 27 total levels and over 400,000 square miles of battlefield.
  • Smoother, Faster, & Better Than Ever: With widescreen support and a silky smooth framerate, Terminal Velocity™ has never looked better. The view distance is majorly enhanced now, and the sky rendering code has been updated to reduce jitter in the polygons, the view is no longer fogged all the time!
  • Achievements Unlocked: Achievements and trophies are being implemented into the game for the first time! These challenges will truly test the mettle of all pilots as they make use of the various destructive weapons, powerups and spectacular air-to-air and ground-to-ground combat. 
  • The Sound of (not) Silence: Sound channels are now multiplexed into the 5.1 stream output of DirectSound to give you the full 360 effect intended by the original code with output on a modern audio system.

Terminal Velocity™: Boosted Edition will be available for PC via Steam, G.O.G., and Epic Game Store on March 14, 2023, with plans to launch on consoles at a later date. 

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