Line of Sight: Vietnam

Every day brings another mission. Every day is LIFE or DEATH.

As an elite marksman in Vietnam, your job is to locate elusive enemy soldiers and pick them off one-by-one. Whether it’s patiently waiting for the enemy to show himself or delivering a pre-emptive strike, the method is the same – Be quick, be quiet, and be careful. That’s what will get you HOME ALIVE.

Line of Sight: Vietnam



This game has not recieved a rating from the ESRB

Original platforms
Initial release date
Mar 5, 2003
Original Developer
N-Fusion Interactive


  • Stay Low. Thick vegetation in fully detailed environments provides cover for you…and the enemy.
  • Take Aim. Select the right weapon for the job from over 12 authentic firearms.
  • Keep Your Head. Face 12 missions alone


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