Deadly Dozen

Infiltrate German occupied territory with your squad of military misfits. Destroy, steal, and kidnap your way out. Sweaty palms and sniper rifles span six war-torn countries. Survive the tension and intrigue of a movie-quality WWII classic on your computer.

Deadly Dozen
Original platforms
Initial release date
Oct 31, 2001
Original Developer
N-Fusion Interactive


  • Goal-based gameplay offers complete freedom in developing mission strategies
  • Multiple missions in 1942-45 France, North Africa, Norway and other war-ravaged locations
  • Drivable WII military vehicles
  • Begin with a briefing session to assemble your squad, review photos, maps and more
  • Dynamic visual effects and 3D theater-like sounds will have you ducking for cover
  • Authenticity right down to the WWII uniforms


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"Great game!!! Took a while to get throught the first missions, but a challenge worthy of seeing through to the end!!!"

James - Metacritic

“WW2 squad based strategy/shooter, was released around the same time that Battlefield 1942 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein were topping the charts so it never really got the recognition it deserved. A forgotten gem.”

Bongo - Steam

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