World Championship Boxing Manager™ 2 arrives in early 2023!

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Get ready to rock the ring, as Ziggurat Interactive announces the impending release of World Championship Boxing Manager 2 for PC. An official sequel to 1990’s highly regarded World Championship Boxing Manager, this latest entry in the series will offer players a one-two punch of business tycoon and boxing simulation gameplay. Hire trainers, recruit a roster of boxers – including former pro boxers Rocky Marciano™ and Sugar Ray Robinson™ – and show the world why you own the top slot on the fight card. World Championship Boxing Manager 2 arrives on PC in Q1 2023, and follow up with a console release later in the year for Xbox One, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

For up-to-date news on this knockout of a title, be sure to wishlist World Championship Boxing Manager™ 2 on Steam.

World Championship Boxing Manager™ 2 features retro-tastic, 32-bit styled visuals and modernizes the series by adding dynamic lighting, an updated interface, and more fights than you can shake your glove at! Hone your fighters to the limit in career mode, or jump into story mode to follow the journeys of real-life boxers on their way from the bottom to the top. However you play it, World Championship Boxing Manager™ 2 will get you in the ring next year.

Features of World Championship Boxing Manager 2 include:

  • An awesome stable of sluggers and staff, including iconic licensed characters Rocky Marciano™ and Sugar Ray Robinson™!
  • 32-bit visuals with modern features including dynamic lighting and a fight cam to watch your fighter duke it out in real-time
  • An extensive skill system allows players to build the pugilist of their dreams. Be it a hard-hitting ring king, a one-punch wonder, or a super stamina warrior of the knock-down-drag-out fight; it’s up to the player to create a training path to victory.
  • A complete hiring system arms players with the best training team (and business managers) for their fighters — even if some of that staff might be a little unorthodox!
  • Twitch integration allows streamers and their viewers to take part in the boxing experience together with viewer-triggered random in-game events that can help or hinder the player
  • Jam-packed with the humor, heart, and personality that made the original game so popular!

Ziggurat Interactive is an independent developer and publisher of new and old video games. Breathing new life into titles lost to time, they restore the past, remaster classic moments and reimagine retro gaming experiences.

Established in 2019, the company has published over 100 titles across multiple digital platforms. Ziggurat Interactive is the home of BloodRayne, The Boy & His Blob, Slave Zero X and more beloved titles of the past.

More info about Ziggurat Interactive, its current lineup, and upcoming announcements is available on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and its official website.

© 2022 Ziggurat Interactive, Inc. World Championship Boxing Manager is a trademark of Ziggurat Interactive, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Rocky Marciano™ is a trademark of the Family of Rocky Marciano. Sugar Ray Robinson™ is a trademark of Sugar Ray Robinson Licensing & Properties. All rights reserved.

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