Ziggurat Announces Prison Tycoon: Under New Management

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We are thrilled to announce that Prison Tycoon: Under New Management is currently in development and is planned for release later in 2021 on PC and console. This is the latest and all-new chapter in the Prison Tycoon series and will focus on the challenges of rehabilitating and reintegrating inmates back into healthy, functioning members of society. The game is being developed by award-winning Abylight Studios, which has produced many notable projects including Hyper Light Drifter, Tiny Thief, and Super Hydorah.

Prison Tycoon: Under New Management tasks players with creating and maintaining a successfully run prison — complete with security checkpoints, guard towers, prison cells, and inmate services. Would-be wardens will need to maintain a balance of services and security as they strive to run an efficient facility while keeping inmates on the path to reintegration. To grow their prison and improve their capabilities, players will need to secure funding from state agencies, manage the flow of resources and keep staff happy while providing proper care for their charges.

“We are thrilled to be working with Abylight Studios on a transcendent reimagining of the Prison Tycoon franchise,” says Wade Rosen, President of Ziggurat Interactive. “Under New Management is our opportunity to reboot the franchise with a modern mindset and positive outlook.”

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