No Limits ‘Sandbox Mode’ Now Available in Prison Tycoon: Under New Management™

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Prison Tycoon: Under New Management’s ‘Sandbox Mode’ is out now on Steam!

In this new mode, the chains are off and you have the power to construct the ultimate rehabilitative environment, free of financial restrictions. Featuring a new art style, expanded design tools and detailed control over facilities and staff, this mode builds upon the original game while keeping the management mechanics that fans love.

Players can build and refine their facilities without the boundaries of campaign mode’s funding restrictions – giving unlimited access to supplies, buildings, therapies and staff. Through this new free play mode, players are set up for success to help inmates reintegrate back into society.

Key Features of Prison Tycoon: Under New Management™

  • Five Distinct Environments: Select from tropical, tundra, taiga (boreal forest), swamp or desert biomes — each with its own environmental challenges

  • Build From Your Own Blueprints: Design every room, path, checkpoint and cell block

  • Assemble a Team of Experts: Evaluate and hire staff to fill 12 different roles to run and maintain your prison

  • Secure and Protect: Maintain a secure facility using guards, cameras, watchtowers and checkpoints

  • Rehabilitate and Release: Monitor prisoners and provide the support they need to be released – including VR therapy, zero gravity rooms, romantic visits and more

Prison Tycoon: Under New Management™
reboots the series with a different take on what it means to be a successful warden. With a focus on prisoner reformation over punishment, players must maintain a balance of services and security as they strive to run and grow their facility. Acting as wardens, they’ll need to secure funding from state agencies, manage the flow of resources, and keep staff and prisoners happy while providing proper care for their charges. Whether constructing a new cell block, or a VR therapy room, players must maximize their investments to build and operate their prison efficiently.

Jump into Prison Tycoon: Under New Management’s ‘Sandbox Mode’ now on Steam! Get the base game and the new mode all for just $19.99!

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