Nine Retro Classics Debut on GOG

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Launching today for the first time on GOG, this wave of retro classics is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Whether you’re taking it to the end-zone in 4th and Inches or meeting strange aliens in Altered Destiny, there’s tons of retro fun for everyone.

Retro First Friday Collection #2

We started Retro First Friday to bring retro games into the digital age. This bundle includes 4 games making their debut on GOG. 

- Altered Destiny 

- Psi 5 Trading Company

- Purple Saturn Day

- XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter

MicroProse™ Soccer

Take on the computer or a friend in MicroProse™ Soccer, predecessor to the famous Sensible Soccer game. Put your footwork and shooting skills to the test as you compete at a world-class level in the World Cup, International Challenge, or the indoor league. Choose from 29 teams and take yours to victory!

4th & Inches

So you were an All-American? Big deal. This is pro football, baby. 4th & Inches gives you all of the hard-hitting action of real football: the bombs, the blitzing, the goal-line stands. You'll experience graphics and animation that are as powerful as a blind side hit.

Fast Break

Basketball action so lifelike you can almost feel the elbows and floor burns. Whether you’re playing a tight man-to-man or double-teaming the guard, Fast Break gives you the flexibility to design, call and execute plays like the pros.


Come face-to-face with a heavyweight champ! Now you can literally enter the ring and put your training to the test with TKO. Lace those gloves and find yourself staring down a prizefighter bent on rearranging your face.

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