Classic Sports Games from Accolade™ and MicroProse™ Debut During Retro First Friday

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If you’re like a lot of people, you’ve probably missed having sports in your life! We are delighted to bring back the thrill of competition with a new batch of classic sports games from Accolade™ and MicroProse™ on Steam today! Prepare to grind out the yardage in 4th & Inches, sink half-court shots in Fast Break, deliver punishing uppercuts in TKO, and race down the pitch in MicroProse™ Soccer. All four games are benchmarks in their genres, so if you’re an armchair athlete looking for some digital sporting action, this Retro First Friday™ roster is right up your alley!

All these great games are available at a 33% discount on Steam for the next week!

This month’s Retro First Friday™ release includes:

4th & Inches

Awesome gridiron action comes to your PC in this release aimed at the armchair quarterback in all of us. Set up your formation, pick your play, and get ready for hard-hitting American football action! Play alone or against a friend. However you play, play to win!

Fast Break

Drive straight to the basket or sink a fade away three pointer in this fast paced 3-on-3 basketball game. But raw talent won’t win tournaments, use the play customizer tool to put your strategy into action. Lace up your sneakers and play alone or against a friend in Fast Break!


Grab your gloves, create a custom fighter, and head into the ring in this classic boxing simulation. What’s your style — slugger, swarmer, counter-puncher, or boxing legend? Whatever your technique may be, it’s time to step into the ring and show everyone why you’re the greatest of all time!

MicroProse™ Soccer

Fast and flowing footwork is the name of the game in the original MicroProse soccer sim. Choose to play indoors or in an outdoor stadium, with each featuring specific rules for the game! Battle your way to the Championship against different CPU-controlled teams in single-player, or go head-to-head against a friend!

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