Can you puzzle your way through this month's Retro First Friday?

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Get ready to test your tile-matching and safe-cracking mettle! Today we are excited to launch two classic puzzle games, Zyconix and Revelation.

Quickly match colored blocks in Zyconix, using bonus items to speed up your blockbusting with explosive results. Or stay cool under pressure in Revelation as you work to crack the safe and get the loot before the cops arrive.


Put your safe-cracking skills to good use as you discover the color combinations needed to unlock bank vaults and access the loot within! Playable alone or with a friend, Revelation challenges you to unlock the most vaults and gather cash and jewelry within a set time limit. Spend too much time on that one special score and you may find the police hauling you away in handcuffs! Revelation features 80 unique and challenging levels, so limber up your fingers and get ready to unlock those vaults!


It’s raining colored blocks, and it’s your job to line ‘em up, three to a group, and score massive points! In Zyconix, you can grab bricks to line them up, but when you let go, they plummet down the screen. To make it even trickier, vertical stacks don’t count for points, only horizontal and diagonal! Four game modes and special power-ups (like bombs, drills, and a Breakout-style ball) spice things up, and there’s even a two-player split-screen mode for challenging your friends!

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