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Hello, Rayne fans!

As you know, last week we finally launched BloodRayne: ReVamped and BloodRayne 2: ReVamped on Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Since then we’ve become aware of a number of issues affecting players which we are striving to address. For those of you who have reached out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc. we thank you for your proactive feedback!

Today we’d like to summarize the issues we have identified to date, and discuss how we plan to address them. In addition, we are introducing a new survey form that will make it easier for you to provide feedback on your ReVamped experience, and faster for us to investigate issues.

Where are the cheats from the original game?

While preparing both ReVamped games to publish on consoles we discovered that some cheats either instantly unlocked achievements, or made achieving them trivial. In order to protect the integrity of the achievement systems, we disabled the cheats in both games. 

It was never our intention to deny players this integral and memorable part of the BloodRayne experience and it has always been our hope to enable them after launch. We are currently navigating the best way to bring the original cheats back to both games and we hope to have a patch soon to enable them.

Cheats were working on my Switch but now they are not, what gives?

We know it’s frustrating to have something given and then taken away, this was never our intent. Due to a technical delay on the implementation of a day 1 patch, the Switch version which launched on 11/18 was not up to date. This patch was published to Switch users on 11/22 and brings the Switch build in parity with the Xbox and PlayStation builds. Unfortunately, this included disabling cheats. Cheats will return to Switch players at the same time as Xbox and PlayStation players.

The cutscenes are missing!

There is a bug affecting Switch users that is causing the game to automatically skip some or all cutscenes. We are investigating this issue extensively to find a solution. If you are experiencing this issue please use the survey form below to report your experience so we can test solutions for all affected players.

The audio and lip-sync is not working properly

This issue and similar audio problems have plagued some users. While not game-breaking, these are definitely annoying and quickly diminish your play experience. We are investigating these issues and working on a solution, but more information will help us address this more holistically. If you are experiencing any audio issues please fill out our survey below with as much information as you can provide.

The game keeps crashing and I’m losing progress.

This is horribly frustrating and we apologize to anyone who has experienced this situation. At the moment it appears that Switch and PlayStation players have experienced crashes more frequently than on Xbox. We are investigating each crash report to ensure we can resolve as many as possible, so if you are experiencing this issue please use the survey below to report it.

Why isn’t the game available in Russia?

We certainly wish it were available in Russia but unfortunately we were unable to release in Russia due to an age rating issue. We have heard your requests to release the games in Russia, and are investigating what steps are necessary for us to release both ReVamped games in the country.

Why didn’t you include platinum trophies?

PlayStation games are designated as ‘small scope’ or ‘large scope’ style trophy sets. Our ReVamped games are at the upper end of the ‘small scope’ category and as a result, do not qualify for platinum trophies. 

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