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Time Gate: Knight's Chase

This game has not received a rating from the ESRB

Out of the mists of time, from the depths of a secret dungeon, the last of the Knights Templar sends a final cry for help...

In 1996, you are William Tibbs, a young American law student in Paris. To save Juliette, your fiancée, you have to take up the challenge from Wolfram, the fox with the red mane who is allied with the forces of darkness. They wait for you in the secret jails of the commanders of the Knights Templar in 1329.

Explore the eerie museum of the Middle Ages. Dodge the deadly blows of the grim Black Knights. Rescue your fiancée JULIETTE from the claws of the Inquisition.

Back through time, clash with WOLFRAM, the lord of the dark forces. But take care! To return to 1995, only one path exists: the TIME GATE.

Are you ready to step through the Gates of Time?

Will you be able to unravel the secrets of the cursed Order?

Can you solve the mystery of the Knights Templar's Treasure?

And you, William TIBBS, are you ready to take up this challenge?

Time Gate: Knight's Chase

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This game has not recieved a rating from the ESRB

Original platforms
Initial release date
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  • Real time 3-D characters
  • Mapping and Gouraud Shading on characters and items
  • Intelligent enemies in pursuit
  • More than 300 settings and 50 characters
  • Adjustable difficulty level
  • Multitrack sound effects
  • MIDI Music
  • Protected mode


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