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This game has not received a rating from the ESRB

You've just landed on the endangered species list.

Swarms of exoskeletal aliens are ripping a merciless path of annihilation through the galaxy. Your outposts have fallen - your drop zone just became the front line. Strap a Jet Pack onto your battle armor and select from the lethal array of weaponry - you and your squad are all that stand between Earth and the savage horror of the relentless Skull hordes.

Get vertical or get dead.

Should you attack from the sky? What about escaping the cavernous depths? Shrewd use of your Jet Pack fuel keeps your options open.

Make no mistake, you're the prey.

Skulls hunt in packs. They swarm, they flank, and they learn from their mistakes.

Death knows no boundaries.

Blasting through a cave's close quarters takes a different strategy (and weaponry) than speeding through the vast vertical zones.

There is no path of least resistance.

Jet pack, hang glide, or hit the ground running - how you get through the Skulls is up to you.

Become an efficient killing machine.

Mission after mission - equip yourself wisely and you just might survive.

Nowhere to hide.

Skulls attack and ambush from every direction - including up.

Polish your devastation skills.

Wield a lethal arsenal that includes flamethrowers, mines, heat seeking swarm missiles, and frag grenades.


This game has not recieved a rating from the ESRB

Original platforms
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Original Developer
SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies



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