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King's Table: The Legend of Ragnarok

This game has not received a rating from the ESRB

Never try to beat a god at his own game.

Outsmarted, outmatched, and outplayed, the mighty Valkyrie knows the end is near. She looks up to see Odin’s piercing gaze. He lifts his mighty hand to deal the finishing blow.

He slides the game piece to the corner of the board. “I win,” he whispers.

“Well played,” the Valkyrie mutters, “but can you also defeat your own son, Thor?”

In this modern take on an ancient board game similar to Chess, one side must defend Odin against an onslaught of attackers as he makes his escape to one of the corners of the board. The sides are uneven, leaving Odin ambushed with only twelve soldiers against twenty-four attackers coming from all sides. Use sharp strategy and tactics to help Odin reach safety before he is caught defenseless between multiple assailants!

King's Table: The Legend of Ragnarok

This game has not recieved a rating from the ESRB

Original platforms
Initial release date
Jan 1, 1993
Original Developer
Imagitec Design Inc.


  • Experience an exciting update to the ancient Norse strategy game, Hnefatafl (nef·ah·tah·fel).
  • Engage opponents in a game of strategy, cunning, and wit devised by Odin himself.
  • Compete as Odin, who must prevail in the Ragnarok Tournament in order to forestall Ragnarok, the end of all things.
  • Play against Norse legends such as Vidar, Tyr, Heimdall, Thor, and Frey, or challenge a friend in local competitive play.
  • Watch as the game pieces come to life before your eyes to do battle!
  • Play the game that even Odin is raven about!


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