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Killing Time: Resurrected

This game has not received a rating from the ESRB

Nightdive Studios and Ziggurat Interactive have teamed up to bring back this sophisticated shooter laced with gallows humor and visual violence to bestow mayhem to all! Puzzle solving and strategic thinking are placed at a premium. The visceral violence is complemented by paranormal graphics and a super(natural) storyline. Set in the early 1930s, Killing Time Resurrected casts you as a student, studying the cryptic world of Egyptology, who finds themselves trapped in the estate of wealthy heiress Tess Conway. A ritual to bestow eternal life conducted by Ms. Conway backfires and her high-society friends vanish without a trace. It’s up to you to find and destroy the mystical Egyptian Water-Clock to undo its curse and face a legion of super(natural) horrors.

The remastered edition of Killing Time Resurrected features toggleable high-resolution character artwork/sprites from the original 3DO and PC versions of the game, upscaled environmental texturing, smoother gameplay, more responsive controls, and expanded control and key-bind settings.

Killing Time: Resurrected

This game has not recieved a rating from the ESRB

Original platforms
Initial release date
Original Developer
Night Dive Studios


  • Experience 4K Resolution, 144 FPS, Anti-Aliasing and Upgraded/New 2D Screens and menu art.
  • Listen to the remembrances of the 7 restored video-real apparitions and ghostly guests. They offer clues as to what past heinous acts actually transpired in the cursed mansion.
  • Look up and down and turn around with a complete 360 view. The three-dimensional mansion offers outdoor areas, staircases, and intricately detailed ceilings and floors.
  • More than 45 different areas to explore among the hundreds of rooms on the huge estate. 
  • A fright-fest for the true aficionado of first-person corridor mayhem, enjoy continuous gameplay with no load time between areas.


© 2020-2024 Ziggurat Interactive, Inc. KILLING TIME is a registered trademark of Ziggurat Interactive, Inc. in the United States of America and other countries. All rights reserved. Night Dive Studios and its logo are registered trademarks of Night Dive Studios, Inc. KEX Engine and its logo are registered trademarks of Night Dive Studios Inc. All rights reserved

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