2408 AD.

You're one of the elite racers chosen to compete at exotic locations around the world and beyond. Strap yourself intro a fusion-powered racing machine, packing plasma artillery and easy to use an awesome array of powerups including turbo boosters, intelligent homing missiles and stealth capability.

As you get faster and more lethal you can unlock even more race modes and secret cars. But beware – 19 other DethKarz racers are out there trying to win at any cost. The visuals and gameplay are sure to blow you away – if the other DethKarz don't get you first!


Animated Violence

This game has not recieved a rating from the ESRB

Original platforms
Initial release date
Nov 6, 1998
Original Developer
Beam Software


  • 4 racing environments each with 3 tracks: Metro City, Grand Keys, The Pole, and the Red Planet.
  • 12 select-able cars with individual handling, combat, and racing characteristics.
  • Ultra-cool car dynamics and track layouts allow for awesome jumps and stunts.
  • 3 different race classes and hidden vehicles for enhanced replay value.


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