INTERVIEW On Passion For Bringing Old Games Back From the Dead

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Ever since its formation in 2019, Ziggurat Interactive has dedicated itself to resurrecting old video games on modern hardware, with the studio now estimating it has released over 130 titles as of 2023. These have included remasters of cult favourites like BloodRayne, Bloodrayne 2, and Terminal Velocity; unreleased and cancelled games like the Atari Jaguar CD title American Hero; and collaborations with Limited Run Games on projects like A Boy and His Blob: Retro Collection, Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection, and the upcoming Rendering Ranger: R2.

Not too long ago, we had the opportunity to chat with Cole Law (they/them), the marketing coordinator for the retro developer/publisher, and wanted to find out more about why Ziggurat has decided to focus on bringing back games from the dead, why they believe it's important to make these games readily accessible again, and what exactly goes into making these games work on modern hardware. So if you've ever wanted to know more about Ziggurat and what fuels its work, be sure to read on.

Check out the rest of the interview HERE.

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