Machiavelli: The Prince

A prince must act like a beast...a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten off wolves.

It's 15th century Europe – resources are bountiful and deception is king. It's the perfect time to execute your plan for world domination. Manipulate military, political and religious powers using bribery, piracy, and assassination. Acquire wealth by trading with over 40 cities. But plan your strategy carefully, young prince. Because every move can mean the difference between exaltation and ex-communication.

Set during Machiavelli's time in Europe when city-states reigned, this multiplayer strategy game pits you against three other human or A.I. controlled traders in Venice, competing to amass the most wealth and influence by game's end. To achieve lasting fame for your family name, you must build a globe-spanning trading empire with caravans and fleets, always looking to buy low and sell high in the world's commodity markets.

Online multiplayer is not supported for this release.

Machiavelli: The Prince
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Original platforms
Initial release date
Jan 1, 1995
Original Developer
Holistic Design


  • Play on a historic map of Medici-era Italy or a procedurally generated map for a new exploration experience
  • Adjustable starting resources and A.I. strength for each player
  • Create and modify trade routes for your fleets and caravans with a detailed and intuitive interface
  • Bribe cardinals and senators to sway papal politics to your family's favor
  • Contend with pirates, brigands, and storms along your trade routes
  • Rule by love and by fear: patronize the arts to raise your popularity, or undercut your rivals by assassinations, arson, and slander


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